Halloween Costume Inspiration: Harley Quinn

Halloween is coming soon and If you are anything like me, you should get started on your costume now. Halloween is like my Christmas, I love it so much. Dressing up and being someone else for a little while is fun for adults and kids!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right costume. Either you can’t decide on what to dress up as or you cant find a costume that fits your needs, you have to do a test run of your make up if you are doing something elaborate and all of these things take time. If you are ordering online you want to plan head for shipping time and issues with fit so you would have time to return and find something else. I’m going to share costume and makeup inspiration as well as anything else I find useful. Happy Planning!!

The hottest costume at the moment is Harley Quinn

I put together this look on Polyvore. If you are planning to dress as Harley, order your costume quickly, a lot of items are selling out! you can shop the look I put together via polyvore here

Harley Quinn

Here are my two favorite makeup looks I found online the look on the left is by @itslikelymakeup

I’ll be back later with more costume ideas! What are you dressing up as this year?

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