Color Psychology Part 1: Red

Happy Friday!!!! The day we’ve all been waiting for. Just kidding, I could care less what day it is. When I attended college for Interior design which was really fun by the way, I learned about how big of an impact color has on our every day lives. Psychologically, colors cause us to react certain ways so if you are educated on the psychology of color you can use it to the fullest in your every day lives. What to wear for a job interview? Redecorating your house? Purchasing a new car? Going on a hot date? Colors play a major role in all of these things. I will break down a color each week. Of course we are starting with red.

Red is the warmest of the colors and is the color of passion, love, strength, and danger. The color red increases appetite and heart rate.

In fashion, Red is the color to wear if you want all eyes on you. Because of its bold rich color, the eye is naturally drawn to it. If you are going out, a red bandage dress is always a good idea but be careful, look too good in a red dress and you’re considered dangerous 🙂

This dress is by House of CB you can find it here

red bandage dress

This suit is so eye catching and would definitely get my attention. I love how the jacket is the main focus of the look but if he were to take it off, he would be all clean in white with the red shoes as the accent. Either way, love me some red.


In design Red is best used in the dining room because of its ability to increase appetite and encourage conversation. A red living room is ideal as well.

This red room is so warm and cozy (img via houzz)


Red is also the perfect attention drawing accent color.


red chairs paris

In makeup, red is most commonly used on the lips. Every woman should have a fierce red lipstick in her stash. Red symbolizes strength and confidence.

red lips

How do you use red? Leave a comment and let me know. Have a fabulous weekend!


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