Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: 90’s Nostolgia 

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and if you’re a 90s Kid like me, this post is definitely going to bring back some serious memories. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind at all if the 90s came back, just for a little bit. I think things are getting a bit too complicated these days. Maybe it was because I was a kid back then, but I feel like life was must more simple. Here are some of my favorite memories from the 90s.

MTV and Boy Bands: OMG weren’t we all obsessed? Their hair and cheesy choreography had us all hooked in the 90’s for sure. I loved N*Sync and Backstreet boys, although I enjoyed 98 degrees as well. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were my favorite female artists in the 90s. What about you?

Slinky and Easy Bake: So I never had an easy bake growing up. I can remember parents having some issues with them burning people or something like that, so my parents didn’t bother getting me one. But most everyone I knew had one and they loved theirs. I did have my share of Slinkys though and broke them all.


Polly Pocket dolls and Glow in the dark stars: You were not cool if you didn’t have these stars in your room when I was a kid. Amazing how something so simple would be so popular. Polly Pockets though were my favorite toy as a child. I regret throwing mine away, because I could have shared them with my girls. If you are interested, you can find some vintage Polly Pockets on Etsy.

I am so guilty of the butterfly clip phase. I used to get my hair cornrowed and add the clips. The L’Oreal commercial I don’t think I’ll forget as long as I live. Some damn good marketing that’s for sure.

Big fun phones, Dial up: Remember actually siting down and talking on the phone without being able to move? Remember your parents telling you to stop playing with the phone cord? Did you ever have late night conversations on the phone? Or pick up and listen while someone else was on the other line? So many memories. Now with dial up…ugh. I am very glad we have moved forward because dial up was brutal for sure.

Lava Lamps, Super Nintendo: I had two lava lamps and I loved them, but I spent hours and hours at a time on video games. Mario was my favorite and Spyro the Dragon, did you play that game?

I passed lots of notes as a kid and played endless rounds of MASH. Part of me believed that the predictions from MASH would come true. As for the cootie catcher, those were all the rage back in the day. Everyone used to make them and ask each other questions. Such a fun and easy thing to do when you are a kid.

I know there are so many more 90’s things that I haven’t mentioned here. Is there anything you were obsessed with? Did you ever have a Furby? Were you into the board games a lot? What was your favorite 90s music? Tell me about it! I bet there is so much that I’ve forgotten too. Anyway, have a lovely day today. Friday is almost here!!






















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