Meteor Shower Viewing party 

One of my favorite things to do in the summertime is star gaze. Even though I have better luck seeing shooting stars when im not really looking for them, I love a good meteor shower viewing party. My parents use to star gaze with us often in the summer time. They would also take us out to see rare comets and things. I loved staying up late and being outside on a beautiful summer night.

The Perseid Meteor shower has been action packed for weeks- July 17 to Aug. 24 and word on the street is that the shower is at it’s peak tonight and tomorrow! Go outside and relax under the stars for a bit. Here are my favorite ways to gaze.

Meteor Shower Pool Party

Grab your pool floats, good music and your best friends and spend the night floating under the stars. Bonus points if you have a heated pool 🙂

Bonfire + S’mores Party

You can never go wrong with a bonfire and smores. Be creative with your toppings I promise it’s fun.



Such a fun idea. Make camping luxurious and comfortable. Set up a tent and bring out your pillows and blankets, maybe a glass of wine.

No matter what your plans are, the best way to see the action is to make sure you are somewhere dark, not surrounded by city lights, and where you can see as much of the sky as possible, make sure you have something comfortable to sit on and snacks, you might be out there a while. Also, it helps to download a star map app so you know exactly what you are looking at. I hope you all have a fantastic evening.

Stay Gorgeous,



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